The International Institute of Ecoacoustics (Insteco) is an independent, non-profit association devoted to the study of the role of sound in the ecology of species, populations, communities, ecosystems, and landscapes. It operates in collaboration with universities, public and private research centers, industry, and citizens to implement the application of the ecoacoustics approach to nature conservation and to reinforcing human well-being. The institute wishes to maintain a world where the sound of nature punctuates habitat and ecosystem dynamics and where nature and people live in harmony.


The International Institute of Ecoacoustics coordinates and forwards theoretical and applied scientific ecoacoustics research at the national and international scales, adopting ethical approaches in a scenario of environmental ethics and sustainability. It promotes collaboration on the themes of ecoacoustics of scholars in all disciplines and in particular biologists, philosophers, semioticians, cognitive scientists, environmental scientists, anthropologists, and ecologists. It disseminates the knowledge of the ecological role of sounds for every living organism and, in general, for the environment by adopting an integrated and trans-disciplinary approach in order to protect the environment and its diversity and to improve the quality and wellbeing of human life. It promotes the formation and the technological growth of scholars, students, and researchers offering its skill in graduate and postgraduate courses in collaboration with the university and other research centers. It promotes permanent education, offering methodologies and tools of ecoacoustics to public and private organizations that operate in the fields of biodiversity assessment and of environmental monitoring and planning. It promotes and assures the scientific dissemination of the research and of the technological innovations in ecoacoustics through the design and realization of low-cost sensors and through editorial activity represented by monographs, book series, newsletters, blogs, and journals. It promotes the insertion and application of the research by young researchers, offering awards and grants in collaboration with universities, research organizations, industry, and charity organizations, and it will carry out, on demand, scientific proposals and technological assistance for public and private organizations in the field of ecoacoustics.